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Locksmith Bristol for all your fast response lock out and other locksmith service requirements. A Comprehensive service with fast response times to all Bristol and surrounding area postcodes.


Here’s a list of a few but not all of the services we can provide for you anytime in the Bristol area:


  • Entry Gaining
  • UPVC Door Repairs
  • Lock Changes
  • Lock Repairs
  • Window & Garage Locks
  • High Security Lock Systems
  • Commercial & Residential Locksmith Services
  • Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Local Locksmiths, Near You, 24/7
  • & Much More..

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Lock Repair & Replacement From Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol
UPVC doors are notorious for causing problems in extreme weather

When your locks fail you it’s nice to know there’s many options in the Bristol area to get your lock repaired or replaced. We also know this information to be true and that’s exactly why we try so hard to be the best option for people looking for lock changes or repairs in the Bristol area. Lock problems can happen for a number of reasons. Wear and tear is the most common reason for lock failures. As well as burglaries and moving into a new property. However there are a few strange reasons stop working and it’s important that you can trust your locksmith to spot these issues and fix them rather than needlessly replacing your locks for a much higher price.

An example of this would be on UPVC doors. Sometimes the plastic on UPVC doors can stretch or tighen causing people to think their locks have broken. When in reality the door is at fault. Sometimes this can be fixed rather than having to install a new lock or door. It’s important you call a locksmith you can trust to tell you the lock can be repaired as a pose to a locksmith who will just replace your locks for the sake of making a bit more money on parts. That’s why we spend so much time proving to our customers that whilst a business such as ours does need to make money. It’s not our number one priority.

Whether you have faulty or completely broken locks, whether you need us to come to your home or your place of work. You can always count on locksmith Bristol to provide the services you need. We’re operational 24/7 and can get to you within no time at all. With no call out fees and no VAT to pay on any of our goods and services. As well as competitive rates why not call us today and see what we have to offer.

Free 12 Month Warranty On All Work With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol
12 Month Warranty On All Work Carried Out By GBS Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol have noticed a lot of other businesses advertising a 12 month warranty on their work at an additional cost. We here at locksmith Bristol think that’s a bit of a joke. In fact we’re so confident in our products, locksmiths, and services that we offer a free 12 month warranty with all work carried out by ourselves. This covers you for any shoddy workmanship or faulty parts.

For a whole 12 months! Cal us today and speak to one of our friendly, trained office representatives for the full details about this offer. The best part? There’s no limited availability, you don’t have to rush out and call us. We offer the same 12 month warranty on all of our services.

In the rare occasion our experienced locksmiths can’t fix the issue your faced with. you won’t have to pay a single penny. This is thanks to us not charging call out fees. So if no work takes place then no money will exchange hands. Just another way locksmith Bristol is and has been looking out for our customers all this time. If you’d like any locksmith work taken out at either your home or your place of work, don’t hesitate to call us any time. For top quality professional locksmith work in and around the Bristol area don’t look any further then Locksmith Bristol. Call today.

Lock Replacements With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolBad things tend to happen all at once. Sometimes life will be going good and then all of a sudden problems can start to mount up. We know from first hand experience that locks tend to break or need replacing at the worst times possible. There are many different reasons you might need a change of lock not all of them are through lock faults. In fact the most common time we get called out to change locks are when a customer has recently moved into a new property or when a customer has been burglarised. However, locks changes don’t always have to be such a grim feeling. If you’re in the Bristol area you won’t have to wait around to get someone to replace your locks. In fact locksmith Bristol is available 24/7 365 days of the year.

So whenever you need your locks done we can do the job for you on the very same day. If that’s not what you’re after don’t fret. Because locksmith Bristol are operational 24/7 this means we’ll always have a time slot that suits you when you need a professional locksmith to come and give you a hand. With no call out charges to pay and also no VAT to pay on any of our goods and services you won’t feel like getting your locks changed is that painful at all. In fact with our friendly office team on board to help you every step of the way. Coupled with our fast response times and competitive rates your lock troubles can be a thing of the past, today.

Don’t get mugged off by other locksmith businesses making you wait until next month to get a lock changed. Get all the services you need and more right here, today. All you have to do is call our trained, friendly office team today and we can give you a free over the phone quote or estimation on how much the work you require will cost. Once both parties are happy with the price we’ll send you a professional locksmith straight to your door. Call today and speak to one of the team and find out how much time, effort, and even money you could save by choosing Locksmith Bristol.

Fast Response Times, No Call Out Fees

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol offer the fastest response times around and can be with you in a matter of minutes in an emergency situation. Is this important? We think it is. When you’re locked out you don’t really want to be waiting outside at all. Especially in the winter months when the weather in the UK tends to be harsh and unforgiving. That’s why locksmith Bristol prides itself on being able to provide fast response times. There’s a bit more to it than providing fast response times though. Other companies will provide you with the same fast response times but charge you hefty call out fees for the pleasure. Another waste of a fast response time would be sending you a locksmith that’s unprepared or unable to do the job yo require done.

That’s why we’re proud to say that all of our locksmith services, emergency and everyday come with no call out fees to pay. Locksmith Bristol also have an office team working 24/7 365 days of the year. This helps us to make sure that not only are you getting a fast response time to your call out. But also that you’re getting a locksmith who knows what the job entails before arriving to the job. Not that our locksmiths wouldn’t know what to do anyway. As all of our locksmiths are highly professional and have over 20 years combined experience.

But we do this because we want you to know that we care. You’re not just another job. We treat every customer as an individual and cater for individual needs as required. So if you’re in the need of a locksmith, a professional, friendly locksmith with tonnes of experience. A locksmith who can be with you fast and won’t charge you a call out fee. Look no further than the GBS team to sort any business or residential, emergency or everyday locksmith problem that you might be experiencing. Competitive prices with no call out fees and no VAT.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

Locksmith Bristol
Simple Lock Changes With GBS

GBS are devoted to providing top quality services to our customers. Locksmith Bristol are focused on providing the very best and most convenient service available in the Bristol area. This is down to most common lock faults and lock outs happen at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we think it’s important that we provide a 24/7 locksmith service so our customers are able to fix issues when they happen rather than having to wait around. As well as our professional locksmiths being available 24/7, our trained and friendly office team is also available 24/7. Meaning if there’s a question or query you can’t wait for the answer to. All you have to do is call our lines and speak to one of our team. They’ll point you in the right direction. Furthermore, our team won’t make you sit through a sales pitch to get the answer you’re looking for.

This is because our representatives incentive is to help people, not to get as many sales as possible. This attitude has helped us gain the wide customer base we have and retain the customers we already did have. So when you have a locksmith query. don’t speak to robots. And don’t let other businesses sell you stuff you simply don’t need. Call the professionals today and find out for yourself why so many homes and businesses alike are using locksmith Bristol for their emergency locksmith repairs and lock outs.

It’s not all about our customer service. In fact while we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service we also pride ourselves equally as much on our high level of workmanship and attention to detail. Other businesses might give you the impression that they just want to get the job over and done with as quickly as possible. Not here though. While we recognize speed is important, and show this with our ultra fast response times. Once we’re on a job there’s only one way to complete the task ahead, correctly. Locksmith Bristol will never rush to complete a task. Professional locksmiths with a professional attitude to work. Call today and speak to one of the team.

Locksmith Bristol Residential Locksmith Solutions

Locksmith BristolAs well as fantastic business locksmith solutions locksmith Bristol also provide 24/7 residential cover for the Bristol and neighboring areas. Just like our business locksmith solutions we can provide you with emergency or everyday locksmith services. So whether you’re locked out, or are in need of burglary repairs locksmith Bristol will have the availability and services to suit your needs. When you’re locked out our office team will waste no time in finding out the information they need to give you an accurate quote for the work. Once both parties are happy with the quote we can send a professional locksmith straight to your door.
Our response times are fast and we’ll always be ready to send someone out to you no matter the time or day. If you’re in need of everyday locksmith services that doesn’t mean you have to wait around months. We can provide same day services to your door no matter the urgency of the task. Furthermore, because we’re available 24/7 we’ll always have the appointment to suit your needs. Both emergency and everyday locksmith services come with no call out fees to pay AND no VAT.
As well as this our prices are super competitive and we won’t be beaten regarding customer service. Call and find out today. Our office team will take care of you no matter whether you’re just calling to ask questions or whether you’re calling in need of a locksmith right away. All calls will be treated with a personal touch as you’re not talking to an automated message system or a salesperson. Our office team are employed to help you and that’s it. Call now ansd speak to someone who cares. Speak to your number one port of call for all business and residential locksmith services in the Bristol and nearby areas. Call locksmith Bristol today and find out why so many homes and businesses choose us when they need results, fast!

Locksmith Bristol Business Services

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol now offer 24/7 security solutions for your business. With fast response times and a 365 day a year service covering you when need it most. Locksmith Bristol is experienced and professional. As well as having over 15 years of experience and all the tools and skills to handle any business lock, door, or other security problem you mighr be experiencing. As well as our standard everyday locksmith services your business can also enjoy out of hours and emergency locksmith solutions. Furthermore locksmith Bristol has a brilliant customer service reputation. This is due to the fact that we don’t employ sales persons. This is because we’d rather encourage our office team to be as helpful as possible rather than trying their hardest to sell you, the customer services or goods you may not need.

With business accounts available on request as well as our great rates as standard it’s easy to see why so many businesses are choosing locksmith Bristol when they’re in need of business locksmith solutions. Call our team today and speak to one of our friendly, trained, office representatives today. When you call locksmith Bristol you won’t have to deal with automated messages, or have to listen to a sales pitch before our team provide any information. No, when you call locksmith Bristol you’ll be speaking to real, and real knowledgeable people.

Call now and see for yourself how locksmith Bristol is changing the way businesses think about locksmith solutions. In an emergency we still don’t charge call out fees, AND we don’t charge VAT either. If you like the sound of professional, and experienced locksmiths available 24/7 for whatever problem your business might be suffering from. Don’t wait around. Call today and get the answers you need today.

Burglary Repairs With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolWhen you’ve been burglarized the first thing you should do is call the police. After you’ve reported the incident to the police you can then think about the damage caused by the burglars. It’s not always essential to call a locksmith right after a burglary as sometimes locks don’t have to be broken for burglars to gain entry to your home or business. However even if the burglars didn’t break their ways into your property you might want to call a locksmith to see if there’s anyway your security can be increased. This doesn’t always mean adding more expensive locks either. If you haven’t already got one we recommend an external light with a motion sensor. This small and relatively cheap piece of equipment will deter potential burglars before they even attempt breaking in or forcing entry.

However if your locks have been broken we don advise you get a locksmith to come and take a look at repairing or replacing the damaged locks. With Locksmith Bristol, thanks to our amazing office team we’ll be able to take a look at photos if you’re able to provide them. This means we can give you a professional opinion without coming out and wasting your time if the damage can be easily fixed by you. Furthermore, if you do decide you’d like us to come and analyse the damage caused to your property by burglars. Or you’d like a security assessment for your home or workplace. You won’t ever have to pay a call out fee AND you won’t pay any VAT on any parts or goods either.

Call locksmith Bristol today and speak to one of our friendly, trained, office team now. We won’t dance around your problems. We’ll supply you with the information you need, fast. No speaking to automated messages and no sitting through sales jargon. Just professional people helping you with your lock issues. Whether commercial or residential, whether emergency or everyday. Locksmith Bristol has got the service to help you with whatever your lock issue might be.

Locksmith Bristol, We’ll Be With You In No Time

Locksmith BristolWhether you’re in the city centre, Yate, Bedminster, Downend, or even Westbury on Trym, locksmith Bristol has the cover yo need when you need locksmith services fast. As well as being extremely competitive on price, locksmith Bristol can also offer you fast response times that other competitors just can’t compete with. Whether you need someone right away or you need to book someone in for a later date. don’t rush to call us, we’re here 24/7 and will answer your calls no matter the time or date.

Locksmith services don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You also shouldn’t have to wait weeks, days or even hours t see a locksmith. That’s why when you call locksmith Bristol today from your home or business we promise to deliver comprehensive services with competitive prices at your choice of time and location. When you’re in need of everyday or emergency locksmith services come to locksmith Bristol. We’ll never charge you call out fees and we’ll never charge you any VAT either. And that’s just one of the many ways locksmith Bristol is looking to change the way we all think about locksmith services.

But don’t take our word for it, read our review on google. We aim to please. Whether commercial or residential, late night or early morning. You can rely on locksmith Bristol to supply the results you need. With just one simple phone call with our friendly office team we can send you a professional locksmith with over 15 years experience and every tool and service you could ever want them to perform in their arsenal. Call today!

Competitive Prices & No Call Out Charge With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol is here to help you when you need it the most. We offer a 24/7 guaranteed entry service covering the whole of Bristol. Not to mention the surrounding areas. All this with no call out fees and no VAT to pay on any of our services or goods. Locksmith Bristol think this is an important service to offer. You’ll always be able to speak to someone when you’re locked out with locksmith Bristol.
Our prices are competitive and our response time’s are bordering on unbeatable. Call and speak to one of our trained, friendly office representatives today. Locksmith Bristol will never make you speak to a robot or make you listen to a sales pitch. Just real friendly people, with the real relevant training and knowledge to help you with any problem you may be experiencing. Whether locked out or in need of burglary repairs locksmith Bristol has the service at a great price for you.
Don’t pay pointless call out fees and don’t wait all month to for a locksmith. Call today and see for yourself what we mean when we say competitive prices.Customer service is one of our biggest focuses and you’ll see when you speak to our friendly office team today. Call locksmith Bristol any time, we’re available 24/7 365 days of the year!

Get A Quote From Locksmith Bristol Today

Locksmith BristolIf you’re in need of locksmith services in the Bristol city center or surrounding areas call us now! Locksmith Bristol is here 24/7 365 days of the year. With dedicated locksmiths on hand to help you out no matter the time r date. And an office team ready to take your calls and provide information to help you on your way to fixing your lock or door troubles. Whether upvc door problems or lock outs at home or at work you can count on locksmith Bristol to help you out day in day out. Our office team is polite and well informed to provide you with information as well as quotes on any service you may require form us.

Other locksmith companies have been known to hide their prices, complete the work and then hand their customers a big fat bill at the end. We think that’s wrong and that’s exactly the reason locksmith Bristol are always upfront with our customers. That means all of our customers know the price of a job before the locksmith leaves to help them out. Meaning no disagreements over pay and no shocks for our customers on the completion of a job.

No call out charges and no VAT when you come to locksmith Bristol. That’s right, because we’re always on the road and always out and about there’s no need for us to charge our customers call out fees. Meaning when our office team provide you with a quote. That quote is exactly what you’ll pay! Just one of the many ways we look out for our customers whether commercial or residential. Call today and speak to a trained professional about your lock issues today!

Non Destructive Entry With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol
Avoid this! Call locksmith Bristol now..

If you’re locked out of your home. You may have doubts about having a locksmith out to let you back in. Apart from costing you money, our customers often worry about the affects or damage that could be left to their doors or locks by a locksmith. Well we here at locksmith Bristol are here to help you stop that worry. As locksmiths we know how important it is to have a solid security system for your home. The most important component of that is of course your doors and your locks. Knowing this, locksmith Bristol will never leave you with a damaged door or locks.

We use our years of experience and skills to gain entry for our customers. Unlike other locksmith businesses who like to use brute force and then charge you for the damages after. Locksmith Bristol will never damage your doors, and we’ll never damage your locks without exploring every other possible way of gaining entry first. And if we can’t find any other way to gain entry. We won’t just go right ahead and kick your door down. We’ll first inform you the customer that your locks will need to be damaged and replaced in order for us to gain entry.

Avoid Cowboy Traders, Call Direct Today!

Once we have the customers consent we will then tactfully remove your locks by breaking them. This doesn’t mean any old way however. This means carefully breaking the locks in the most painless and least messy method that we possibly can. This is why we don’t just quote our customers for the labour. In fact we always quote our customers on what the parts for their job will cost, should any parts need replacing. This is just one of the many ways we keep our services as transparent as possible. Never leaving the customer in the dark for personal gain.

Call now and speak to the team about how we can help you gain entry to your home or work today. Without trashing the place and charging you for the damages after. Locksmith Bristol are here for you now, and here for you always!

Friendly Team At Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolIf you’ve been phoning around the different locksmiths in the Bristol area, you might’ve come across some not so friendly people. We think this is because a lot of locksmiths in the Bristol and neighboring areas don’t have a focus on customer service. Well we’re here to change that. We have a stern policy on providing the best customer service and aftercare for all of our customers. This is made easier for us by separating our locksmiths out on jobs that can become stressful from new customers calling in and asking questions. When you call us on the number provided you won’t get through to a busy locksmith who’s doing work. In fact you’ll come through to our trained and friendly office team who will be able to help you out with whatever you need.

Now this isn’t to say that our locksmiths aren’t a friendly bunch. This is just to make sure our locksmiths only have to think about being locksmiths. Whilst our office representatives who are jut as knowledgeable about the trade handle your calls. Locksmith Bristol. goes the extra mile when thinking about customer service. That’s why instead of employing a sales team, we like to think of our office team as advisers. There job is to provide you with information and be the most help they can possibly be. giving you reassurance that, yes someone does care, and no you don’t have to throw loads of money at us for us to give a damn about your call, or your lock troubles.

Don’t believe us? Why not give us a call and test our representatives out. We shun pushy sales tactics and always want the customer to make the final call. Call now and speak to the office team about how we can help you in emergency and also everyday lock situations. Without trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Locksmith Bristol, we care about you!

24/7 Fast Response Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolWe aim to provide for you the fastest possible locksmith services we can possibly provide.  It doesn’t stop there though. All of our professional and experienced locksmiths are fully CRB checked and vetted before being able to work for locksmith Bristol. This is to give you a sense of security. Whether you’re in need of a locksmith now or in the future. you can depend on locksmith Bristol to be there when you need us to be. We’re reliable and will never let you down. As well as being around 24/7 dealing with all of Bristols emergency and everyday locksmith needs we also don’t charge call out fees no matter the time or date of your call out.

This is because here at GBS we don’t want to charge you for nothing. In fact all of our guys both from our office team and our locksmith team know the importance of working for their money. This is why we also don’t charge VAT on any of our goods and services. Making locksmith Bristol competitively priced when compared to bigger less local companies.

Different jobs require different approaches we know that more than anyone. That’s why we strive to meet our customers individual needs the best we can. You can call on locksmith Bristol any time of the day or night. Even if you just want to ask questions. Pick a time and give one of our trained office representatives a call. Don’t delay. When you’re locked out of your home or business. Or when you need professional locksmith services and you need them in a hurry. Call locksmith Bristol and we’ll sort you out from beginning to end. All for a competitive rate. Call today and see if we can’t save you some time, hassle, and even money when you come direct to locksmith Bristol.

 Burglary Repair With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolOne of the hardest times to deal with in a home can be when you get burgled. Not only can it be devastating losing prized possessions but it can also feel like an invasion of privacy. Stepping across the same floor you know a burglar has crept on can be really difficult. That’s why here at locksmith Bristol we provide a bunch of handy services to repair the damage of a burglary. Furthermore we also provide a load of services that could potentially stop a burglary before it happens.

When we’re dealing with customers who have just been burgled. We think the most important thing to establish is comfort. We want our customers to see first hand the improvements we’re making to their security systems to make them feel like they can sleep again. That’s why if you’ve been burgled we offer a free security evaluation of your home and gardens when you call us for any of our services.

Locksmith Bristol can fit alarms, change locks, and even install new locks to your doors. Whatever you need us to do in order for you to feel normal in your own home again. Did you know that even an outside security light with a motion sensor can greatly decrease the likelihood of a burglary. Can’t afford an outside light? Simple CCTV signs purchased online will cost around a pound and serve the same purpose. Call today and speak to one of our trained office team and we’ll see how we can help you secure your home before or after a burglary.

Don’t Wait Around When Locked Out, Call Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolIf you’re locked out in the Bristol or neighboring areas and you don’t fancy waiting all day to gain access to your home or your workplace, don’t! With one simple call to locksmith Bristol you could be getting let back into your property in no time. Whether commercial or residential property we guarantee entry when locked out. With other non emergency locksmiths expecting you to wait hours to get back in to your home or work. Locksmith Bristol will get to you in no time at all to offer a professional service. When you lose your keys or accidentally lock yourself out it could cost you a bomb if you go to the wrong place.

That’s why locksmith Bristol don’t charge call out fees and don’t charge VAT either. This is our way of letting you know that we’re happy to work before getting paid. And that when you come to us you’ll be in good hands. Don’t waste time and energy on unprofessional, unskilled, and inexperienced locksmiths. Come straight to the competitively priced professionals. Locksmith Bristol has your back day in day out. Furthermore, when you call us you won’t be put through to a locksmith on a job, or a salesperson trying to sell you services you don’t need. You’ll be put straight through to our friendly, trained, office team who are there to provide information.

No Salespeople At Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolOur office team can assess your needs and give you a price within seconds of identifying what you need us to do. If you’re happy with the price then we can send you one of our experienced locksmiths to help you out with whatever lock troubles you might be experiencing. Don’t settle for less. With great customer service one of our main goals. And another goal to never let a customer in need down. There’s no need to call anyone else. Why not leave us feedback? locksmith Bristol love feedback. No matter whether good or bad. Good feedback keeps morale high. Bad feedback let’s us know how we can improve our services, which we’ll always be trying to do. So why not give us a call today and speak to one of our representatives today.

Whether you’re after emergency, or everyday locksmith services, 24/7 365 days of the year we’ve got you covered!


Are You Locked Out Of Your Home Or Work? GBS Has Your Back!


locksmith BristolWhether you’re at home or at work locksmith Bristol has your back in and around all Bristol areas 24/7 365 days of the year. Call now and speak to friendly trained representatives who can guide you to cost effective solutions to all your locksmith needs. Whether emergency or non emergency locksmith Bristol can provide the vital services at the vital times to save you a lot of hassle, time, and even money.


GBS Can Help Me Out If My Key Has Snapped In My Lock


Yes Locksmith Bristol Provides Comprehensive Services To Help In any Situation!

Traditional Locksmith Services With Locksmith Bristol

locksmith BristolGBS Locksmith services Bristol is your local fast response locksmith service. Providing top quality locksmith services and competitive prices as well. It’s no wonder loads of homes and businesses in the Bristol area are relying on locksmith Bristol to help out when they’re in need. GBS don’t charge call out fees AND we don’t charge VAT either. This is to let you, the customer know that we’re providing a service as competitively priced as we can. Locksmith Bristol want you to know how serious we are about what we do. That’s why not only can you call on a locksmith at any hour of the day any day of the week.

But GBS also provide top quality 24/7 technical support. Thanks to our office team who take your calls and provide a high level of customer service. Our office team also is there to support you during and even after your work with us is complete.

This is the level of customer service you should expect from a local business. We’ll try our best to make you feel like royalty. And if you aren’t happy with the service, you can always call us up and one of our office representatives will try their best to change that. If you’re really not happy with the service you can always request to speak to a manager. Locksmith Bristol aren’t like other businesses, we appreciate feedback whether positive or negative. This is because even though we like positive feedback. Negative feedback is probably more useful to us because it helps us to take action and make our business a better more user friendly experience.

So why wait around for a locksmith to become free, when locksmith Bristol always has someone available. You don’t even have to be in an emergency. We’ll agree a price on the phone and tell you how long we’re likely to take to get on site. If all parties are happy then we’ll come and sort out you lock issues, quickly and professionally. Call our team today, talk to a professional, and get the locksmith services you need, today!

Local Locksmiths Near You With Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith BristolLocksmith Bristol is your local fast response competitively priced locksmith service for the Bristol and surrounding areas. With hundreds of services and over 15 years experience GBS are here to make all your lock troubles melt away. We’re fast to respond to all emergency and everyday locksmith call outs. Knowing you won’t want to be stuck outside for long locksmith Bristol focus on providing the fastest service possible. We also offer our services 24/7 365 days of the year. But what’s makes us different to other locksmiths you might have spoken to? Well we think it’s our friendly approach and the fact we don’t charge our customers call out charges.

Couple this with taking bookings in advance and charging the same rates for emergency call outs as we would for pre booked work. Not to mention we don’t charge VAT either. Letting you know we’re serious about our work.

If you have any questions as to how the business works or what services we offer specifically. You can always ask our 24/7 office team who will always be there to take your calls and make sure your experience with us is pleasant. Being locked out isn’t great but we can assure you we’re prepared to move mountains for our customers and that’s exactly what we’ll do. Speed is important in these situations but it’s not as important to us as leaving happy customers. That’s why when we tell you how long we’re going to take, that’s how long it’ll take us to get with you.

If you aren’t locked out you can still request a same day visit and we won’t charge you any extra for the pleasure. Meaning if you’re someone who likes to keep on top of things you won’t have to wait around for a locksmith to become free of time. Because we’ll always be around to take on the work for a competitive rate, no call out charge and no VAT. Call us today and find out why homes and businesses all across the Bristol and surrounding areas are trusting locksmith Bristol with there lock troubles.

Locksmith Bristol Fast Response Times

Locksmith BristolEmergency locksmith services with GBS mean you won’t ever be stuck locked out for long. We’ll be with you in no time to sort out any emergency lock problem you might be having. Whether locked out or locked in GBS has the service and the experience to solve your lock issues fast. With no call out charges and no VAT GBS offer competitively priced locksmith services in and around the Bristol area. There’s never any fuss with our office team offering 24/7 technical support to you the customer and our locksmiths out and about. Combine that with our experienced and professional locksmiths working 24/7 also to make sure you’re never without a helping hand in those emergency situations.

GBS are devoted to making sure we handle every customer with the highest level of customer service and workmanship. Experienced locksmiths and representatives on the phones. We won’t make your experience unpleasant at GBS go the extra mile to make sure this is right. Yale lock outs. Mortise 3 and 5 lever lock outs. UPVC door lock outs. Guaranteed entry gaining with GBS 24/7 365 emergency and every day locksmith services.

Looking For A Bristol Locksmith Service?

locksmith BristolAre you looking for a locksmith service in Bristol that’s fast and won’t charge you an arm and a leg? You might’ve found what you’re looking for with locksmith Bristol. We don’t mind if it’s the weekend or the early hours of the morning. Locksmith Bristol will always have someone to answer your phone whenever you need our assistance. Whether you’re locked out or whether you just need some friendly advice.

Locksmith Bristol have a friendly office team who are always available with professional opinions and professional advice. GBS don’t wish to sell you anything you don’t need only to help you out when you do need someone. Furthermore locksmith Bristol don’t charge call out fees AND we don’t charge VAT either. Making our prices seriously competitive.

Locksmith Bristol deal with all kinds of different every day an emergency locksmith tasks. These include but are not limited to things like lock outs, UPVC door and window repairs, and new lock installations. All of these services are available 24/7 commercial or residential services at the customers convenience. But don’t take our word for it why not take a look at our sparkling reviews on Yell. Then you’ll know you can trust locksmith Bristol and join the hundreds and thousands of homes and businesses that also trust locksmith Bristol with their locksmith needs. With GBS there’s no need to panic.

Emergency Locksmith Bristol

locksmith BristolIf you’re looking for an experienced emergency locksmith, who’s available 24/7. Then you’re looking in the right place. Locksmith Bristol is your local fast response locksmith service for the Bristol and neighboring area. GBS have locksmiths available 365 days a year working around the clock to ensure you always have someone to call when you’re in need of a locksmith. Whether locked out of your home or office or just needing a locksmith fast. GBS Bristol will always have someone on hand to take your calls and a locksmith to send to the rescue. Not locked out? Not to worry as you can still request an emergency locksmith no matter what task you need help with.

So whether it’s an unwanted person with access to your home, or just peace of mind we can always have someone with you right away. What if you don’t need a locksmith out to you right away? GBS take bookings and because we’re around 24/7 we can come at times other locksmiths won’t want to. As well as this GBS don’t charge emergency fees and we don’t have special prices for emergencies either. That means you’ll pay exactly what you would’ve paid had you booked your job in, even if it’s an emergency. This is to ensure our customers that we’re not the type of locksmith service to take advantage of there needs.

In fact GBS locksmith are actually super competitive on price. And with no call out charges and no VAT to pay on any of our parts and services it’s easy to see why. So why not join the many businesses and homes that trust locksmith Bristol when they need emergency or everyday locksmith service in the Bristol area. Call now and speak to one of our friendly office team today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

No Call Out Fees With GBS!

Whether locked out, or in need of a lock changed, whether have a faulty lock, or have a fault UPVC door, the specialists at locksmith Bristol can be at your door quickly and work through any problem you may have systematically and professionally. Our standards are very high and we presume our customers will be too. With over 15 years experience it’s not hard to see why locksmith Bristol is highly rated when compared with competitors.


Locksmith BristolWe have the emergency or non emergency services you need. Give us a call any time and we’ll be glad to help with any queries to do with locks, doors, or security. 24/7 assistance with competitive rates and no call out fees or VAT to pay when you use us to sort your lock troubles.

Julie was locked out after a night out. When she phoned locksmith Bristol we were able to get down to her in no time. We let her back into her house with no damage to her lock whatsoever. Locksmith Bristol is fast and dependable, we don’t charge call out fees and you can reach us on the phone 24/7 365 days a year.

Competitively Priced Comprehensive Services


Clean and professional locksmith services to your home or to your work with no VAT to pay either GBS is able to provide a wide array of services that include UPVC door repairs amongst many other really handy services at competitive rates.


Local Locksmiths Near You, Professional Services, Competitive Rates With GBS!


Don’t have time to spare? Locks are in need of repair? GBS have got you covered all day everyday with guaranteed entry when you need it!


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