So I Heard You Need A Locksmith

Tips On Finding The Best Locksmith For You

Finding a Locksmith You Can Trust Can Be Difficult… Here Are Some Tips From GBS On Making Sure You Never Pick The Wrong One

So, we heard you need a locksmith. Here at GBS we hear some horror stories about cowboy tradespeople and terrible workmanship. As no locksmith will offer you free services it’s important you pick the right locksmith to ensure you don’t have to pay too much or even worse pay too much and then have to pay again for another locksmith to fix shoddy work. Here’s a quick list of top tips to make sure you don’t fall victim to a cowboy locksmith.

UPVC door mechanism repair or replacement

3 Top Tips That Could Save You A LOT Of Heartache…

  1. Call Around! – Even if your town or city is filled with reputable locksmith services calling around to find the best price can save you a lot more than you think. This is due to the fact that most locksmiths have preferences about which jobs they enjoy doing and which jobs they don’t. The fact of the matter is just because one locksmith offers the cheapest labour and parts on a simple lock change for example. This doesn’t mean that they’ll be the cheapest on every service they offer.
  2. Ask About Call Out Fees & VAT! – Here at GBS we don’t charge our customers for call outs and we don’t charge our customers VAT either. This is because we don’t want our customers being surprised when we hand them the bill for their work. Some other locksmiths might accidentally forget to tell you about call out fees and VAT and only quote you on parts and labour. Meaning you could get to the end of a job and find out the bill is substantially higher than what you were expecting to pay.
  3. Read Reviews! – Although not all reviews and testimonials can be trusted online locksmiths with bad          reputations can be spotted by looking at a locksmiths worst rated reviews. Now obviously sometimes these reviews are not to be trusted either. But most of the time the worst reviews about a locksmith service can open your eyes to how the business in question chooses to operate.

Google & Yell

If you’re searching for reviews about a business. We would recommend using Google and Yell as your source. These sites are monitored and fake reviews are less likely to be present on trusted websites like these.

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