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Here Is Some Information On Lock Picking

Lock picking is something a lot of people associate with locksmiths. However not every locksmith will know how to pick your locks. Even the ones that do will not pick locks all of the time when asked to gain entry. Lock picking has been around for as long as locks have been around to be picked.

Locks are said to have been around since the Ancient Egyptians. By definition locks are used to secure something with the intention of making access to the something their securing limited only to the people with access to the key to the locks in question. Unfortunately criminals have bee around from the dawn of time attempting to make that not so.

Locksmithing, one of the oldest professions in history also started around the same time as locks were invented. It is believed that locks were first portable and used to conceal valuables from crooks and looters in ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times.

Lock Picking Today

Lock picking is rarely used today. This is because it’s been made largely redundant by other, quicker methods of entry gaining. However some traditional locksmiths will still us this method of entry gaining as when mastered it can be just as fast as other methods as well as not breaking the lock when done correctly. To know how lock picking works it’s important to know how locks work.

Internals of a lock, pins in motion and how the key is used to move the pins
This is the inside of a lock

Above is a picture of the inner workings of a traditional lock. Traditional locks will have a barrel (a space to put the key) and some pins inside the lock which release the mechanism that holds the lock closed. When the right key is inserted into a lock the pins are pushed into the correct place and the mechanism inside the lock allows for the key to be turned and the lock to be opened.

Lock picking is a manipulation of said pins, without a key being present. There a lots of different ways and tools to help a locksmith pick a lock. Most commonly a locksmith will use a dragging motion with one tool and another tool to hold the pins in position when they’ve been manipulated into the right position. This allows the lock to be opened without the use of the key. To learn more about lock picking please watch the video below..

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