Security & Your Upvc Windows

Security & Your uPVC windows

uPVC windows are not for life. It is likely that a residential property is fitted with uPVC windows.  They’re constantly in use as you balance the temperature of your house and we all know regular use leads to wear and tear. However as this is potential entry points a locksmith is often required in the repair to ensure you maintain security.

Button Release Fails

Bristol LocksmithsThis picture shows a customer who elected to remove his handle after the button release on his uPVC window handle stopped working. We were able to help the customer by replacing the lock and handle system.

Not Locking

Furthermore A uPVC windows well and truly exposed to the elements. This means the material is dealing with one extreme to another, especially in English weather.  The material will expand and contract in hot and cold weather which leads to a misalignment resulting in the bolts not locking into place.

Key Broken In Lock

This can happen in most locks but with uPVC windows the locks tend to come with flimsy keys so they are even more susceptible. You can prevent this by hiring a locksmith the moment your key starts to become stiffer than normal. It may seem like extra effort but it will save you extra cost in the long run.

Spinning Handle

When you repeatedly force a stiff lock it can damage the internal workings, constantly forcing a stiff handle will eventually cause the spindle to break which means the whole locking system doesn’t respond to your use of the handle. Contact us and we can rectify this problem for you.


The  aforementioned problems can often be addressed with preventative measures.


Contact us for peace of mind.  We can do a check of the locks on your uPVC windows or address any issues you currently have. We assure GBS will not hit customers with a callout fee, hidden costs or charge customers for anything unnecessary.

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