GBS Bristol Locksmiths are a local no fuss no mess comprehensive locksmith service for your home or your work. We offer professional solutions to all everyday lock and door problems. Whether you need someone as soon as possible or you need someone at a certain time we have the fast response times and short notice appointment slots to suit you.


GBS Bristol Locksmiths are your local, fast to react, fast to attend locksmiths for the whole of the Bristol and neighbouring areas. With coverage across all BS postcodes 24/7 365 days of the year in places. Like Clifton, Avonmouth, Redland, and many more. We can get out to you at the drop of a hat to sort your lock or door problems when you need us to.


We have a professional attitude to work and all the tools to deal with all sorts of different tasks day in day out. All over the Bristol area. What’s more is no matter where you need us. Or when you need us there we never charge you call out fees AND we don’t charge VAT.


If you need professional locksmith services anywhere in Bristol and you need them fast. GBS Bristol locksmith is a reliable shout if and when you need competitively priced and professional locksmiths to your home or to your work.

All Bristol Postcodes..

Based in the City centre GBS Bristol locksmith is able to get emergency and non emergency locksmiths out to you. If and when you need them most, we’re dedicated to providing convenient locksmith services. Across the whole of the Bristol. And neighbouring areas with no fuss no mess and most importantly no call out charge. You can trust GBS locksmith Bristol to provide the highest  quality locksmith services. And a very high standard of customer service. Call today. 


Mia locked herself out of her  apartment as she was leaving for work and asked  if we were able to meet her when she got back from work. One of our office representatives suggested we could get someone to her before she left for work. This meant she could get to  work on time.

AND not have to worry about messing around after a long day in the office. Mia said she would be over the moon if we could achieve this, and we did. Leaving enough time for Mia to get to work on time. With no worries about what might await her when she  got back. Mia chose GBS Bristol locksmiths because she knew we were quick and reliable. And that’s just the type of service she received. Join Mia and a whole host of other homes and businesses in the Bristol area that use GBS Bristol locksmith when they need locksmith services.


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